Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well we had our first weekly doctor's appointment today. I am 36 weeks. Randy was trying to help me stay calm today and not be too anxious. He didn't want me to physch myself up and then be disappointed. I told him that I didn't mind if we went in and they told me that I was not dilating, but that it would be nice to hear that I was at least thinning. Little did we know the joke was on us...

We went to our appointment and when Dr. Mason came in we went through routine question and answer time and then got down to business. He told me that for being a first time mom that I am doing really well. Here it was...the news was coming...my heart started beating faster and butterflies were there too...
I had already lost my plug. I was 60% effaced. I was dilated to a 2. Baby is in position and "ready to deliver." WOW! Talk about a shock! I was extremely overwhelmed and not ready to hear all that. So, now we wait it out. I can deliver at any time now. It seems so much more real after today and the day we get to meet our little miracle is approaching faster than we thought! Thank you Lord for your blessings today!

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